USA FIT Bad Weather Policy

If it is lightning and/or thundering in the morning it is USA FIT policy (‘Inclement Weather situations: Safety requires that if there is thunder and/or lightning, there should not be a scheduled meeting. If there is a threat of thunder or lightning, coaches and organizers need to err on the conservative side and not take their groups out. If the members decide to go out on their own it is the coaches’ responsibility to tell them it is not considered an official FIT meeting’pg.9-USA FIT HANDBOOK) that we can NOT have an official run. This email is being sent out as a precaution so all are aware of the policy. I will post on Facebook & our Woodlands Fit Website ( if the Pace Placement is being rescheduled for the following weekend. If you do not see a post on Facebook/website by 6am and there is no thunder and/or lightning then we will be meeting at 7am.