The Coaches

Melissa & Robert Holloway

Woodlands Fit is an amazing group of people who come together each Saturday morning during the season to share time and training as we prepare for marathons, half marathons, and races of other distances. We are excited to lead the 2018-19 season with you as new organizers with Woodlands Fit. This is Melissa’s fourth season with Woodlands Fit and Robert’s second season. We enjoy running and walking in The Woodlands, the Houston area, and other Texas destinations at this point in our running journey. No matter your training goal this season, you’ll find Woodlands Fit coaches and members who will help you succeed. Through the miles, you’ll learn new things about yourself, develop friendships that can last a lifetime, and enjoy the support of the Woodlands Fit family. It’s going to be another great season with miles of smiles!

Laura Faria

Head Coach - RRCA Certified Coach – Blue/Blue/Green Marathon Group (< 9 min/mile)

Welcome runners! I am thrilled to again have the opportunity to coach the Blue/Green full marathon pace group and train with an amazing group of runners. I have been with Woodlands Fit for seven years, and this is my fourth year coaching. In 2011, I decided to push myself and train for a half marathon. By the time race day arrived, I was hooked and ready to sign up for a marathon. Since then I have run fourteen marathons, multiple half marathons, and a number of other races, including the GE Run Thru the Woods, the 10 for Texas, and the Texas Independence Relay. For the past several years I have had fun running the Goofy Challenge at Disney World. This race is terrific because it allows me to run a half marathon with my husband and then challenge myself to run a full marathon the next day. I have run three Boston Marathons and am working toward my goal of running all six World Marathon Majors. Not only does running help keep me fit, but it allows me to challenge myself and is a great way to relax. I can’t wait to help you reach your running goals in a fun and supportive atmosphere. My husband, Ian, and I live in The Woodlands. We have two teenage daughters and an eleven-year old son, who keep me busy with their sports practices, meets, and games.

Randy Bradley

Head Coach - Yellow Group (9-10 pace) - Full Marathon

Hi and welcome to Woodlands Fit. This is my sixth year to be involved in Woodlands Fit.  This is my 3rd year as the Yellow Group head coach. I started running sort of late in my life when I got tired of being a couch potato. Initially I was going to just run for exercise then a good friend suggested we run a 5K race together. To say I got hooked on the competitive aspect of that event would be an understatement. I then decided my goal was to work my way towards running ONE full marathon.

To prepare for the marathon I increased the distances of my events and ran several half marathons prior to attempting my first marathon. Well needless to say if finishing a 5K got me pumped up, finishing a marathon was spectacular. It truly does let you know what your body and mind are capable of if you want to put in the work. So after finishing my first marathon, I actually took 3 days to find my next marathon to register for. (So much for the one and done initial thought).

I have now completed 20 full marathons and one 50-mile Ultra Marathon.  Although I still do them for the competitiveness of the event, I enjoy them more now to spend time with people who most likely have taken a very similar path as me to make it to the starting line. It is truly amazing to see how many instant friends you make over a 26.2 mile course. Woodlands Fit is likewise where these friendships begin, and I look forward to doing anything I can to help you all achieve your goal and that awesome feeling you get when you cross the finish line whether it is your first or your 50th marathon.

Mike Smith

Head Coach - Red Group (10+ min. pace) - Full Marathon

Welcome to the Red Full Group. We’re known as the most fun group.  Rightly so, as the Red Full group spends the most time together on the road… sharing the miles, our lives and our story with each other. My running story started in 2009, running 5Ks for some weekend recreation. After getting hurt, my wife signed me up for a 5 mile group training program. The “training program” became my new daily routine and the “group” my new friends. We joined Woodlands Fit in 2011. I’ve been the group’s coach since 2013. Through the support of the Woodlands Fit running community, I’ve been able to make and achieve new personal goals and to complete 60 marathons in 49 different states. We are looking forward to a new season, to all the fun times on the way to the finish line, on hearing your running stories and in helping each other achieve our goals! Run Happy!

Vicky Gillmor

Head Coach - RRCA Certified Coach - Half Marathon (All Paces)

Welcome to Woodlands Fit! This is my 6th year with Woodlands Fit and 5th year as head coach. I love Woodlands Fit for so many reasons but mainly because of the people and the accountability it provides! I began running in 2008 when I found a local running program that would train me to run 5 miles!! At that time I remember thinking “Wow, to be able to run 5 miles would be amazing!” Well…I ran my first 5 mile race on Thanksgiving Day 2008 and it was awesome…I was hooked! From there I trained for the 10 For Texas and then my first half! To date I have completed many more races including 18 Half Marathons and 5 Full Marathons. I became an RRCA certified running coach in 2011.   I now coach all levels of runners from beginners to intermediates with an emphasis on cross training!  I love coaching and hope to pass along my love of running while helping you get to the finish line!

Mona Draper

Head Coach - Purple Group - Walkers (13:45 Pace) Half Marathon

I started long distance walking when my neighbor invited me on the off-season to join the walkers for a short ‘jaunt’ on Saturday mornings.  When it came time to start training for the marathon, I joined on a whim for I enjoyed the camaraderie of the walkers immensely.  I never intended to actually do a marathon.  Before I knew it, I was crossing the finish line at the 2004 Houston Marathon amazed and proud at what I had accomplished!!! My husband, Ken Roemershauser, who started long distance by walking a half marathon with me, is the Half Marathon Yellow Group coach. I hope to share my own passion with you for those long distance, long talking walks and run/walks!!