Head Coach - Red Group (10+ min. pace) - Full Marathon

Welcome to the Red Full Group. We’re known as the most fun group.  Rightly so, as the Red Full group spends the most time together on the road… sharing the miles, our lives and our story with each other.

My running story started in 2009, running 5Ks for some weekend recreation. After getting hurt, my wife signed me up for a 5 mile group training program. The “training program” became my new daily routine and the “group” my new friends. We joined Woodlands Fit in 2011. I’ve been the group’s coach since 2013. Through the support of the Woodlands Fit running community, I’ve been able to make and achieve new personal goals and to complete 60 marathons in 49 different states.

We are looking forward to a new season, to all the fun times on the way to the finish line, on hearing your running stories and in helping each other achieve our goals!

Run Happy!

Red Group