“Off-Season” Fun Runs & Workouts

Howdy y’all,


Even though it is our “off-season” that doesn’t  mean that you still can’t get together for some fun runs! Our sponsor, Luke’s Locker, offers two FREE social runs/workouts each week and a $1 5K the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month. They also offer yoRUNga EVERY third Tuesday of the month. Start times below.

MONDAY: 30/30 WORKOUT @ Luke’s Locker, begins at 6:30pm

-30 min run/walk followed by a 30 min. core/strength workout.


THURSDAY: 3 & 5 MILE SOCIAL RUN @ Luke’s Locker, begins at 6:15

-All paces, ages, and abilities welcome!

yoRUNga: 3rd Tuesday of EVERY month @ Luke’s Locker,  begins at 6:30pm

-30 min. run/walk + 30 min. of FREE Yoga

RTW 5K, Every 2nd & 4th Saturday at Barbara Bush Elem., Sponsored by Luke’s Locker, begins @ 8am. $1 entry fee.