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Vicky Gillmor

Head Coach - Half Marathon (All Paces)- Head Coach

Vicky Gillmor

Head Coach- Half Marathon Groups

(RRCA Certified Coach)


Welcome to Woodlands Fit! This is my 5th year with Woodlands Fit and 4th year as head coach. I love Woodlands Fit for so many reasons but mainly because of the people and the accountability it provides!

I began running in 2008 when I found a local running program that would train me to run 5 miles!! At that time I remember thinking “Wow, to be able to run 5 miles would be amazing!” Well…I ran my first 5 mile race on Thanksgiving Day 2008 and it was awesome…I was hooked! From there I trained for the 10 For Texas and then my first half! To date I have completed 8- GE Run Thru the Woods, 6- 10 For Texas, 16- Half Marathons and 4- Full Marathons.

I became an RRCA certified running coach in 2011.   I now coach all levels of runners from beginners to intermediates with an emphasis on cross training!  I love coaching and hope to pass along my love of running while helping you get to the finish line!